A revolutionary combination of touch and sound.

Advanced Ergonomic Design

  • Configurable all-touch control panel to allow positioning of soft keys according to sonographer preference and comfort
  • Control panel that slides horizontally and swivels for flexibility in positioning and comfort
  • Easy up/down height adjustment Monitor grip for one-hand positioning
  • Articulating monitor arm includes up and down, left and right and tilt
  • Foot pedal with wheel lock, unlock and steer modes
  • Footrest for additional comfort while scanning
  • Storage bins to hold the essentials for any procedure

Pristine Image Quality

Proprietary Syntek beamforming architecture with the following clinical benefits:

  • Uniform lateral resolution over the entire depth, making position of transmit focus less critical
  • High frame rate with maintained spatial resolution
  • Improved penetration for procedures such as deep abdominal imaging
  • Transducers connect easily to any of the four ports
  • Transducers interface directly with processing board for lower noise and higher image quality
  • Powerful GPUs process data for better spatial and contrast resolution, higher frame rate and improved beam uniformity
  • Large 19” LED high resolution monitor.

A new standard for ultrasound efficiency

  • Fast cold boot time—allowing faster access to imaging and eliminating the need for battery standby mode
  • Swipe-and-Go badge log-on saves time, promotes secure access and automatically configures the system to user scanning preferences (Optional)
  • A unique Smart Select transducer button allows quick activation and one-touch freezing, storing and printing of images.
  • Smart Flow Imaging visualizes blood flow in all direction independent of imaging angle
  • Smart Flow Assist technology automatically and continually updates beam steering, gate position, and angle correction, even when the transducer is moving – eliminating the need for repeated manual adjustments (Optional)
  • Smart System Control (SSC) automatically adjusts over 25 different imaging parameters in real time to provide optimal image quality—for improved workflow and diagnostic confidence

clinical images

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