For MRI systems maintenance we offer flexible scheduling that will allow preventative service to be carried out outside of your normal operating hours, helping you maximize uptime.


Service is available 8am – 9pm local time (please check with us for after-hours service availability in your area).

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Medical Outfitters is a leader in mobile CT and MRI rentals.  We can easily and quickly accommodate weekly, monthly, yearly or multi-year rentals.  You can be assured our team will professionally deliver a high quality CT or MRI on location and on time to meet your site’s diagnostic imaging needs.  Our engineering team will keep you up and running with 24/7/365 parts and service.  Whether it’s clearing up a patient backlog or waiting for a facility to be finished, we will be happy to personally design a rental or leasing package based on your specific needs.  Contact us today to discuss our full range of interim service solutions.


As the leading provider of Molecular Imaging solutions, Medical Outfitters performs equipment moves, installations and de-installations from coast-to-coast. Whether you need your equipment moved to the next room, floor, building, or even state, we can move it for you. Contact us for scheduling and availability.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.


Backed by a team of expert technicians, Medical Outfitters provides medical device crating and custom machinery packaging. Whether it’s through up-front communication, responding to billing needs or turn-key projects, we are dedicated to serving you as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES - where do we put:
  • Transportation
  • Consulting
  • Refurbishing
  • Magnetic Shielding (Gauss Field Protection)
  • X-Ray Lead Shielding
  • MRI Shielding

Service Agreements include coverage on cold heads, compressors, lines, helium fills and remote monitoring to avoid damage to the system and reduce the chance of cryogen loss.


At Medical Outfitters, great service is what we do.  Our comprehensive expertise in all major OEM imaging systems allows us to service the latest CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT, and Nuclear Medicine technologies.  We also realize that, while there is a technical side to this business, it’s the personal side of working with our customers every day that truly makes the difference.  Our friendly and experienced service team is dedicated to helping you whenever you need us.  We’re proud to offer this level of personalized service standard for every Medical Outfitters customer.


If, for any reason, you need to move your magnet off-site for an extended period of time, we can store it inside our environmentally controlled facility and keep it cold. Our facility is fully secure and the unit will have guaranteed power at all times, even during power loss, with our back-up generators. We will supply the compressor, flex lines, cryogen monitoring equipment and chilled water.  All we need is your magnet.  No need to separate your packaged system.  We will also ensure that all cryogens are monitored and maintained for one low fixed monthly fee.

  • Cool downs from ambient temperature to liquid helium temperature
  • Weekend magnet pump downs
  • Field mapping and shimming
  • Leak testing capabilities and repairs
  • Neck tube replacement
  • CT & MRI Upgrades
  • Enhance continuity of care and expand your portfolio of imaging services with the latest CT and MRI upgrades.
  • MRI cold heads and Accessories
  • Medical Outfitters offers a wide range of cold heads and more to help you maintain the performance of your magnet.
  • Helium Compressor Absorbers
  • Routine replacement of the helium compressor absorber will ensure proper operation of any cryogenic systems.
  • Helium Lines
  • Semi-rigid copper or flexible stainless steel helium lines to any customized or industry-standard size, length, and connector specifications.
  • Refurbished CT X-Ray Tube Scanners
  • Providing a wide range of repaired/ refurbished tubes from 40-70% less than OEM.
  • CT X-Ray Tubes
  • Providing a wide range of repaired/ refurbished tubes from 40-70% less than OEM.
  • Including:

– Moving / Rigging services
– Cold / Mobile Storage
– Interim / Long Term