PET and PET/CT Parts

Medical Outfitter maintains a solid stock of system parts to expedite maintenance and repair tasks and minimize downtime. For the most popular systems, we carry both new and refurbished parts that exceed OEM specifications.

Service Agreements

Service Agreements include coverage on CT Tubes, Gantry, Detectors, Table, Source Loaders, and Workstations. and remote monitoring to avoid damage to the system and reduce the chance of cryogen loss. We offer both Monthly and Time and Materials service agreements.

Monthly agreements cover all parts an labor, on-site service with full time 24/7 availability, and maintenance work scheduled off hours to avoid any interference with your ongoing testing schedule, for one flat monthly fee.

Time and Materials agreements include a pre-defined hourly rate for all work performed, on-site service with full time 24/7availability and maintenance work scheduled off hours to avoid any interference with your ongoing testing schedule, and special pricing on all parts required to keep the PET and PET/CT system running smoothly.

Specialty PET and PET CT Services

We offer a full spectrum of specialty PET and PET/CT services to keep your system running in top shape. These services include:

  • Tube Repair – Tube exchange and loan program
  • Gantry Maintenance and Repair
  • Detector Mantenance
  • Table Repair
  • Alignment and Calibration
  • Workstation Repair
PET and PET CT Upgrades

Enhance continuity of care and expand your portfolio of imaging services with the latest PET and PET/CT upgrades.

PET and PET CT Shielding

RF shielding enclosures for PET and PET/CT rooms that meet the highest specifications, built with the best materials in the market.

Room Move / Install / De-install

As the leading provider of PET and PET/CT system solutions, Medical Outfitters performs equipment moves, installations and de-installations from coast-to-coast. Whether you need your equipment moved to the next room, floor, building, or even state, we can move it for you.

PET and PET CT System Re-location

We can move your PET and PET/CT system in less time and with less cost. With our experienced and trained installation team, and having the right tools and equipment, we know the intricacies of a safe and fast relocation of your assets for more productive use. Installations can be as fast as 7 days for an PET and PET/CT.

PET and PET CT Shipping and Storage services

When the need arises to ship and/or store an PET and PET/CT unit Medical Outfitters has both the expertise and infrastructure to handle jobs of all degrees of complexity. Our services include:

  • On-site equipment crating – with the best quality possible to ensure that the equipment arrives to its destination intact.
  • Cold magnet transport – to minimize Helium loss during the transportation process.
  • Cold magnet storage – in our facility to maintain the PET and PET/CT system powered as long as the system needs to be.
Mobile PET and PET CT Rentals

Medical Outfitters is a leader in mobile PET and PET/CT rentals.  We can easily and quickly accommodate weekly, monthly, yearly or multi-year rentals.  You can be assured our team will professionally deliver a high quality CT or PET and PET/CT on location and on time to meet your site’s diagnostic imaging needs.  Our engineering team will keep you up and running with 24/7/365 parts and service.  Whether it’s clearing up a patient backlog or waiting for a facility to be finished, we will be happy to personally design a rental or leasing package based on your specific needs.  Contact us today to discuss our full range of interim service solutions.


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