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PLANMED VERITY® is a point-of-care extremity CT providing high quality 3D images with low dose. The design of the unit is driven by design philosophy of Planmed to maximized ergonomics and experience for patient and user.

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PLANMED VERITY® Extremity CT in action

High quality 3D images

PLANMED VERITY® has several advanced algorithms to reconstruct high quality 3D images. Reconstructions are GPU accelerated and objects with metal are reconstructed with a minimal level of artifacts. Image resolution is up to 100um providing excellent diagnostic value to even smallest suspected fractures and cartilage imaging with contrast media.

Weight-bearing imaging

Standing knee, ankle, foot, toes under natural load reveals problems otherwise non-discernible.

3D image of a standing patient shows the anatomy in a natural position, and can reveal problems that are otherwise non-discernible, such as diminished joint space.



Touch screen

Adjustable touch screen user interface with intuitive Verity Manager software


Device that adapts to the patient

Joystick controlled gantry height and tilt that adapts to patient


Pick your color

The upholstery of the unit is available in seven exciting colors!


Easy installation

Mobile, easy to site unit with small foot print


Integrated acquisition and reconstruction PC

Stand alone installation or part of the system with full DICOM support


High resolution

Rugged flat panel detector with isotropic resolution up to 100um