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The Del Medical MDR mobile imaging system is designed to handle a wide range of clinical applications in any imaging environment. The system is powered by an on board 40KW high frequency generator; a 300kHu tube; and the user friendly DelWorks image acquisition and processing software. The MDR is designed with a low profile collapsible column; a telescoping tube head; extensive vertical travel; and precise rotation capabilities with both the column and tube head.

The slender, lightweight build of the MDR gives it exceptional maneuverability, especially in tight spaces. Advanced movement controls are conveniently placed on the tube head to allow subtle forward, backward, right and left movement to deliver added precision. Its motor assisted drive adapts to the operator’s preferred walking pace, creating a smooth predictable control.

When the MDR is paired with the DelWorks E-Series wireless DR detector, users enjoy the highest level of mobile imaging performance available today, in all demanding medical facilities.