AIRIS Elite continues the tradition of Hitachi’s leadership in Open MR technology, providing clinical capabilities that rival the performance of many high field systems.

This breakthrough results from AIRIS Elite’s Scalable DualQuadTM RF system, higher-order active shim technology, high homogeneity vertical field permanent magnet, super-fast gradients, and sophisticated sequence capabilities, which are all integrated through Hitachi’s unique approach to overall system performance.

These units are to be sold installed as turn-key projects.



AIRIS Elite’s permanent magnet design incorporates an asymmetric two-post architecture, Hitachi’s signature design, for maximum openness. Combined with Hitachi’s higher-order active shim technology, the magnet produces a spherical imaging volume of remarkably high homogeneity.

  • Permanent magnet type
  • Vertical magnetic field
  • 0.3T field strength
  • Homogeneity: 0.4ppm@20cm DSV (FWHM)


  • Self-shielded
  • Passive


  • Computer-aided passive shim
  • Gradient shim
  • Active shim (4 channels plus B0 compensation)

5G fringe field

  • 6.6 ft (horz.) x 8.2 ft (vert.)

An advanced flat gradient system supports AIRIS Elite’s rapid acquisition and sub-millimeter resolution imaging capabilities. High slew rate contributes to high image quality, short TE and inter-echo times, plus long echo train lengths for FSE and ss-EPI. High maximum amplitude enables rapid acquisitions with demanding scan parameters for thin slice, small FOV, high-resolution images. Sophisticated digital eddy current compensation ensures parameter flexibility and consistent image quality.

  • Maximum strength: 21mT/m
  • Maximum slew rate: 55T/m/s
  • Cooling method: Air
  • Acoustic noise: ≤100dBA

AIRIS Elite employes Hitachi’s Scalable DualQuad™ Four-Channel RF system. The 5kW quadrature transmitter amplifier and quadrature transmit coil provide remarkably-uniform RF excitation. The RF system design and high magnet homogeneity provide excellent coverage over a large 42cm FOV. Anatomically-specific, actively decoupled multiple array coils provide very high signal-to-noise even with the most demanding sequences.

  • Solid-state transmitter
  • Quadrature
  • 5kW power
  • Flat multi-element resonator (MER) coil
  • Full digital receiver
  • 4-channel receiver
  • Ultra-low noise (0.3dB) system preamplifier
  • Automatic and user-variable bandwidth selection
  • Supports RAPID™ parallel imaging technology
  • RF receiver coils • MA Head • MA Lower Extremity
  • MA C-spine
  • MA Flex Body (XL)
  • MA Flex Body (L)
  • MA Shoulder
  • Extremity
  • MA CTL Spine
  • MA TMJ
  • MA Wrist
  • RAPID HeadRAPID Body/Spine
  • RAPID Extremity
  • MA Flex Body (M)

-The widespread acceptance of Open MR is based in large measure on patient comfort. Patients will choose a system based upon comfort and physicians will refer based upon image quality. AIRIS Elite delivers both. Moreover, AIRIS Elite’s unique motorized 3 axis table maximizes operator ease of use.

  • Gantry opening: 43 cm
  • Tabletop width: 80 cm
  • Vertical movement:
    – Power-driven
    – Range 18 – 32 cm
  • Lateral movement
    – Power-driven
    – Range ±4 cm
  • Longitudinal travel speed
    – Power-driven
    – 4.7 cm/sec maximum
  • Positioning
    – Three-plane
    – Laser light localization
  • Positioning accuracy: ±1mm
  • Emergency evacuation: Manual table-top release
  • Weight limit: 500 lbs
  • Communication
    – Two-way intercom
    – Technologist alert system

AIRIS Elite’s multiple, independent distributed processors streamline acquisition and image processing. All functions can be performed in a multi-tasking mode to keep patient throughput high. The AIRIS Elite computer system also features a user-friendly graphical user interface.

  • Host CPU: 64-bit RISC-based
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Reconstruction time: <0.05s/image 2562
  • Display:
    – Large LCD color monitor
    – GUI
    – 1280 x 1024 display matrix
  • Magnetic disc
    – 73.4GB
    – Storage for 50,000 images
    – 9.4GB
    – Storage for 60,000 images
  • MOD (optional)
    – 2.6GB
    – Storage for 17,000 images
  • CD
    -Individual study storage
    – Auto-launching PC image viewer