Our Magnet Filling Service enables you to maximize MRI scanning uptime, while focusing on what you do best – providing service to your patients. We a trusted and proven provider of complete cryogenic MRI service for all high field MRI magnets.

This includes the supply and transfer of liquid helium from non-magnetic storage dewars into the customer’s magnet on an as-needed basis.

Medical Outfitters also maintains the customer’s magnet cooling equipment to manufacturer’s specifications. We can provide MRI system moving, start-up, and magnet maintenance services anywhere in the South East USA.

helium fill

As a medical customer, we understand your need for reliable, worry-free supply. Liquid helium is supplied to the customers in cryogenic tanks (100, 250, 500 litres capacity) which are adapted for use in a strong magnetic field.

Our own means of transport and reliable distribution system enables us to provide our customers with secure, reliable supply, along with expert applications support, pioneering technology, commitment to total quality assurance and safety.

Available liquid helium fill options

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