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buyers guide

The 3T MRI is the best in the market for functionality because of its strength. Where minute details are vital, the 3T should be your number one option. Brain work detailing is where this machine will win the crown. You only have to know that, it comes with more money than any other MRI machine.

Nowadays these are the most commonly adopted devices because they fit in the biggest proportion of daily scans. Many will refer to these systems as the standard MRIs because they have what it takes to produce the best image details. Only when you need sharp and further detailing like for the case of the brainwork, you will need a higher power system (the 3T). Any other detailing will do just fine with the 1.5T systems. It won’t cost you much as the 3.0T will. Federal reimbursements benefit the 1.5T.

With the kind of magnetic strength in modern MRI scanners, the 1.0T are only assumed to be traditional. They are no longer in the market now. It’s before 2002 that these machines were in the market. Though some are remaining in use, they are seldom. That’s because of their lower functionality, small magnetic design efficiency, and low-quality image detailing. However, these machines can still work right for certain areas. For example, the small veterinary clinics and research institutes. They provide an economical option here.

Extremity and open systems are the areas where these MRIs are common. They lie on the other extreme opposite to the 3T systems. They have the lowest functionality. Magnets are weak in strength leading to blurred image quality. However, these systems are still fit to use in imaging limbs and obese/ claustrophobic patient clinics.

Other considerations

With the kind of diversity you get with different MRI systems, you have to be in the know of it to prevent making overwhelmed decisions. Before you purchase you will also have to take in consideration other factors:

Open vs. Closed MRI's


Closed magnets will have an all-around magnet with no joint. That’s a donut-shaped design. It’s the most common and probably the one you know or have met before. The magnetic strength of these models will range between 1.0T and 3.0T as mentioned earlier.


With the open magnets, the image

quality is usually higher when compared to the open systems. The only drawback here is that patients

inside the MRI will experience claustrophobia feelings. The limited bore size will also affect the obese patients with massive bodies.

You can expect low image quality here. However, there is something you will love about these MRI scanners. They require less capital to purchase, patients are comfortable when inside and
the balanced image quality in most cases.

Fixed vs. Mobile MRI’s


Again, as the name suggests, these will remain in a given position for till they meet their intended purpose. They are for use in certain locations like the imaging centers, hospitals or the
research institutes. There has to be an installation procedure for these machines. More than 90% of the MRIs adopt these models. This built-in option will ensure fewer costs when compared to the mobile counterparts. The purchasing price, as well as accompanying maintenance costs, will prove this right. However, the process of installation is sophisticated.

Precise planning and sometimes room remodeling are of the essence in the preparation stages before installation.


These are built to allow movements from one point to another. For convenience, they come installed inside their trailers. It is easier to move the trailer than the bulky machine on its own.

They are meant for the clients looking forward to owning MRI machines. Rather than buying,
they can also be rented out to individuals or institutes for interim periods. On the cost issue, mobile systems will come at a cost higher than the fixed models. That’s because there is an added trailer that’s obviously won’t come free. The trailer has power connections, HVAC, and
shielding for an ideal miniature


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