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Upgrading your current analog x-ray room to dr (digital radiography) is both advantageous and cost effective.
A digital upgrade speeds up the workflow considerably while providing the same great quality of all digital machines while using your current infrastructure.


Setting new standards in efficiency and reliability

Carestream’s DR Detector portfolio offers quick, easy and an affordable way to transition to digital radiography. DR allows clinicians to view images in seconds, allowing physicians to immediately assess a patient’s condition and begin appropriate treatment. Carestream provides a number of DR detector options; allowing you to select the right one for your facility. Right for Today. Ready for Tomorrow.


Choose a detector that best fits your imaging needs:

  • DRX Plus 3543 and 4343 for general radiology.
  • DRX Plus 3543C and 4343C for pediatrics and other dose-sensitive applications.

Wireless Detectors that go and grow with you

At the heart of the DRX Family is the world’s first wireless, cassette-sized detector. The imaging solutions in the DRX Family are all designed around the remarkable X-Factor platform. A wireless DR detector simply slides into existing x-ray equipment and can be used with imaging systems throughout your facility. The detector is also the center point of the DRX Family–a complete line of innovative DR systems including full radiology rooms and mobile x-ray systems.

Carestream’s DRX detectors feature:

  • Wireless connectivity to eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Instant access to images to speed decisions on patient care.
  • Ability to share detectors between any DRX room or any mobile DRX system.
  • A separate battery charger that allows the detector to be used while a spare battery is being charged.

DR Imaging Made Affordable

Upgrade to the Benefits of Full Digital X-ray.  The DRX Core Detector is designed to help optimize the imaging equipment you’re using right now-quickly, easily and economically.  It slides into your existing CR systems-full X-ray rooms and mobile units-converting them to the speed and convenience of full digital.  The Result?  You get all of the benefits of DR, with no need to compromise your current investment.

Carestream’s DRX Core detector features:

  • Wireless connectivity to eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection
  • Full digital technology eliminates steps in the process to increase productivity
  • Superb image quality of digital supports greater diagnostic confidence

Choose a detector that best fits your imaging needs:

  • DRX Core 3543 and 4343 for general radiology
  • DRX Plus 3543C and 4343C for pediatrics and other dose –sensitive applications
DRX 2530C

Big Performance. Small Package.

  • Includes the power of the X-Factor: sharing across the entire DRX family of products
  • Small format DRX 2530C Detector offers easy positioning in incubator trays
  • Cesium iodide (Csl) design for dose-sensitive pediatric applications
  • Ideal for Orthopaedic tabletop imaging, due to its flexible positioning and easy handling

Additional Detector Benefits:

  • Wireless performance, to eliminate the hassles and hazards of cables and reduce the risk of infection
  • Fast performance and instant access to images
  • Ergonomically designed handle for fast and safe positioning
  • Compatible with the DRX-1 Detector battery charger to help eliminate additional equipment
  • Fits into the DRX-Revolution small-format detector holder

Panels are covered by a Three Year Warranty against mechanical failure and malfunction of the products caused by a deficient design, factory defect or faulty workmanship. Warranty shall be void if damages are caused by owner abuse, malicious destruction or accidental drop.

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