[subtitle]Used Medical Equipment its an option that must be assessed carefully.[/subtitle]

crescendo_vitaUsed Medical Equipment its an option many small clinics, chiropractors, outpatient centers and private practices opt for. Equipment is readily available from other clinics and hospitals trough websites and auction sites.

Before you buy used medical equipment without previous inspection by professional service engineers:
• Do you really know what you are getting when you buy equipment without an inspection?
• Why is the equipment been sold?
• Are you buying the system as is where is?
• Is it been sold as a refurbished system, installed with a warranty?
• If the system has been refurbished, which components were replaced during refurbishment process?
• Who will install and integrate the system to your DICOM Network?
• What is the service history of the system?
• Has the system been serviced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, Third Party Service Company or not at all?